• Lars van der Wal

Yesterday it was International Women's Day, because it's necessary

Let's start an equal world! Today.

Our world is full with strong women who deserve an equal position to men. We ourselves are extremely fortunate with the strong women in our lives: our moms are incredible. Nothing in the whole world ever got them down. We celebrate the International Women's Day for them and for all women out there, to improve their position.

The inequality between men and women is unfair and immoral and must come to an end; hence our excitement to witness the European Union change the rules concerning pregnancies and parental leave. However, there are many more changes to be made in perceptions, stereotypes, biases and legislative documents. So let's start today.

We strongly believe that a strong world is an equal world. In a world where everyone has the same possibilities and rewards the best will seize and redeem their changes and our beautiful planet will strive. That means that everyone will be better because of it!

Gender equality is a part of GymStory's policies because we need to do it for women and because it makes our company stronger for real. We want to ask you to do the same. Let's change the position of women. Let's strive for a healthy and equal world. Let's #eachforequal

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