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Get fit and earn money | #PartnerStory

Yes this is real, it's the first time you can earn real money while getting fit!

It's early in the year 2020 but let's face is, this years winter sucks. The weather is just utter dreadful. So at the moment the only cure is the gym: visit the gym regularly and get your fitness levels up for the spring. Next up? We ourselves are already looking for our next summer getaway. And so should you! Find a place different to go to this year, somewhere exclusive. Nobody wants to go to the same holiday spot over and over again, right? GymStory has the answer.

With our fitness product gyms can earn money, and lots of it. So why should they be the only beneficiary and not you? GymStory offers you the once in a lifetime deal. This year you won't be going to Spain or Turkey. No, this year you can go where-ever you like. Colombia, Filipinos or Australia? Sure why not. The only thing you have to do is to become our partner and refer clients to the GymStory team. It's that simple.

There are a few simple steps to become a GymStory Referral Partner: send us an e-mail, get a personal code and refer a gym to us with that code. When we secure the deal, you get a percentage of the fitness contract with the gym. One gym could earn you your well-deserved holiday!

And if that doesn't interest you, there are more options to earn money! We are also looking to strike deals with fitness equipment manufacturers and investors to fund our growth. For every deal you refer to us, you get a piece of the pie. This is real: you can use your network and get real euros. For more information you can e-mail us at hello@gymstory.nl.

We love to see those e-mails incoming. Spread the word, Fitness Is Life.

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