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Fitness trends for 2020, according to experts

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Fitness is about to change for the better. What will this year bring us?

Last year fitness changed incredibly. New fitness formulas pop up every day, traditional gyms adopted new concepts and one-shop fitness platforms like ClassPass and OneFit made life for the gym go-er easier. However, fitness itself is still very much like fitness was 20 years ago. But it's all about to change. And we from GymStory like that!

So what is about to happen to fitness? Everything! According to this fitness trend article by the international fitness association IHRSA fitness is facing opportunities and problems left, right and center. Strong competition, privacy issues and a changing customer group are a threat to gym businesses. But it is not all bad. People's need for experience, the social shift from bars to fit-ness hubs and technology are immense opportunities for the best sports activity in the world. Let's face it: fitness creates beautiful bodies that make people feel really good about themselves. And if we want to get more people to like fitness we need to make it more fun and social. The solution: gyms need to distinguish themselves, include digital fitness products and improve their customer experience. Make sure gym that go-ers achieve their goals and have a good time, and fitness will thrive!

Isn't that what we at GymStory are all about? We love being fit and that's why we make our product. If gyms would actually help their clients become fit their registration list would fill up quicker than a summer festival. Innovation and diversification have long been forgotten by the fitness sector but this year, the year 2020, it will be different. Digitisation of fitness, new gym technologies and new fitness products like ours will - finally - improve fitness for the better.

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