• Lars van der Wal

Fitness is coming home

Wait, what? Wasn't that something else?

Everybody in England hoped for it. But it didn't happen. 2018 was the year England was bringing home football. But they didn't. Could this be the same for fitness?

We are rocking 2020 and mainly American companies are bringing home fitness. However, as with every innovation the first products face issues. Apple faced problems in the beginning with the iPhone, but the company did all right. This could very well be the case for these fitness startups, hoping to improve fitness. So should gyms already fear the digital mirror, that show fitness people how they perform their exercises? Should personal trainers worry they become obsolete, now virtual trainers are inside people's living rooms? Are people fleeing the gyms for their fitness on demand home set? Not yet!

Just like Apple, these fitness startups are facing their own issues with product innovation. Early startups tried working with the Xbox or Wii cameras and they faced some serious problems. Now years later we're at the points that these fitness training mirror's capture a lot of exercises but not all. A serious problem for consumers might be their prices, since these home fitness products are not cheap. But we at GymStory sincerely hope that people don't write them off! Fitness is an extremely effective manner to get people to work out and be or become fit. And fitness needs innovation. So we cheer for those others who dare to innovate!

Let us know in the comments what you think.

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