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Why 2020 will be our year | #SuccessStory

And with our year we obviously mean your year as well.

We start of 2020 with BIG news: our Demo Video is ready to go live and the reactions thus far are very positive. The Video already helped us securing our first gyms, but more about that later on.

With this link you're the first to see the Video online. Shortly we'll publish the Demo Video of our digital fitness product on our website and social media; we'll ask for your help to spread the reach of our video in the fitness community. Share, tag, like and react; and your gym might be our next client.

On the website we added a chat-function in which you can register your gym. Press the balloon in the right button corner, hashtag your gym, mention the city and you're all set! When we get sufficient registrations we'll make contact with your gym (and we'll let you know of course).

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The biggest news we have today: we signed the first gyms! And we expect more soon. Together with our partners we will finish the product for everyone to use.

For you that are new to our blog: we are the fitness tech startup GymStory, and we make fitness more fun, more social and more productive. We are fitness fans ourselves but we miss something during training and we see some people struggle, so that is why we started developing our product.

Thus we innovate gyms and digitise fitness! If you like that, follow us on social media and spread the word!

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